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Product Testing

The unique equipment and expertise resources available at the Center for Human Performance (CHP) allow developers in the footwear and apparel industries to thorougly test their products and therefore ensuring high-quality and durability of their items. Moreover, we are one of the few facilities that can test these products in both a laboratory and clinical setting in which volunteers are included in determining the effects of the products on various aspects of human performance. The CHP specializes in a number of analytical testing including but not limited to:

Footwear Testing: Athletic shoes are a part of daily living, from walking to the grocery store to running a marathon. Thus, the shoe can have a profound influence on a wearer's performance. The CHP uses specialized equipment to measure impact attenuation (cushioning), joint motion (motion control), and retention (durability). To learn more about our Footwear Testing program, click here.

Apparel Testing: Sports performance primarily depends on the abilities of the athlete. However, what they wear could also play a role on how well they can perform. The CHP provides product developers with in-depth analysis of their apparel using drop-impact (compression), joint mobility, breathability, wash-dry shrinkage, and stretch testing. However, a product validation study can be customized to fit a developer's product goals. Check out the product testing conducted for McDavid USA

Biomechanical Analysis

The CHP utilizes biomechanical analysis resources to evaluate human performance and injury risk. Although each analysis is specific to the activity, the Center uses 3D motion analysis, 2D video analysis, electromyography, force platforms, VO2 analysis, and/or foot pressure mapping to evaluate the following activities:

- general athletic movement (ie, kicking, swinging)
- golf swing
- baseball pitching
- running gait and shoe performance

Each athlete will receive a CD of their motion analysis. For more information or to schedule an appointment, click here.





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