Center for Human Performance
3020 Children's Way, MC 5054
San Diego, CA 92123

tel: (858) 966-5424
fax: (858) 966-7494



Research at the Center for Human Performance (CHP) is a primary focus with subsidized studies in the areas of footwear biomechanics, pitching biomechanics, and various motion analysis applications. Selected articles include:

Aguinaldo, AL, and Chambers, HG. 2009. Correlation of throwing mechanics with elbow valgus load in adult baseball pitchers Amer J of Sports Med, PreView.  pdf

Aguinaldo, AL, Buttermore, J, and Chambers, HG. 2007. Effects of upper trunk rotation on shoulder joint torque between baseball pitchers of various levels. J Appl Biomech, 23, 42-51. pdf

Aguinaldo, AL, and Mahar, AT, 2003. Impact loading in running shoes with cushioning column systems. J Appl Biomech, 19(4), 353-360. pdf


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